Bows For Boys


It doesn’t take fashion insider knowledge to know that bow ties are in season and ripe for the picking. Open any fashion magazine and you are bound to find more than just one. And why not? In a vintage chic fashion movement, they make perfect sense. Whimsical and sophisticated, bow ties add character and color to your ensemble. Here are a few ideas on how to wear them.

Here’s a bow tie suggesting a hint of modern vaudeville:


Preppy meets geek-chic:


Can’t go wrong with a classic look:

Add some edge with some sweet gloves:


Classic yet flashy:


Frankie Morello’s S/S 2011 pairs bow ties with shorts and capris for warmer weather:

Now this is OLD school:

THIS is a punk rock bow tie:

A preppy-chic look with African textiles:

And my personal favorite: A look put together by Peter Adrian in Los Angelesfrom

Now, if I didn’t just find a bow tie for everyone, I don’t know who can. Although, I can say, for many great pictures of men rocking a bow, check out