Adding Sophistication to Your Summer Style: The Neckerchief


As summer awakens, it’s time to put the coats and gloves to one side to make room for the summer wardrobe. The style-conscious community ditches the darks and lightens up with some paler, whiter tones. The problem that most people appear to make, however, is to jump on the band wagon with neutrals but leave the real colours behind. The dilemma we face is trying to find a balance between monotone and a garish canvas of too much colour.

This, dear reader, is where the neckerchief saves the day.

A simple item that adds grace and style to any outfit, the neckerchief is hugely underrated and underused. In this article, I shall provide a few tips on how to use a neckerchief to turn your outfit from superb to superior.

It is a good idea to own an ample selection of colourful ‘neckers’ to spice up what you wear in the coming summer months. A bold colour will turn heads and you’ll be surprised by how much it can transform your outfit. Instantly, you add detail, texture and that all important colour to your look. Not to mention an air of effortless sophistication. Furthermore, this accessory spans almost every style, both formal and casual.,,

So is there a specific way to wear your neck scarf? Simply put, no. You can wear it around the neck, tied, wrapped or even tucked inside a collared shirt to replace a tie. For a more creative look, you could wear it as a pocket square, tied around the wrist or threaded through a belt hoop. The point I’m trying to make is that this item is totally versatile, a timeless piece that cannot go wrong. Another bonus is that you can easily pick up a neckerchief for next to nothing depending on where you look. Instead of spending a bomb on one pair of coloured chinos, you can spend the same amount and get 4 or 5 fabulous neck ties- Quantity and quality. and

One last thing: The neckerchief is well on its way to becoming a must-have item this year, and not only will it last for the summer ahead, but the winter months too, so it really is a worthwhile investment to give your outfit that extra little bit of ‘va va voom.’


AK Sutherland; Cornwall, UK

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