Maison Rouge-Homme


It was my great pleasure to speak with Alla Eizenberg, designer of Maison Rouge-Homme, a youthful menswear line from Tel Aviv now setting up shop in the United States.  Her charming accent and slightly raspy voice accompanied by her constant chuckle made the conversation an absolute delight.  She mentioned that her line in Tel Aviv got started with a blog and that the blog became quite successful, I can only hope she brings the same luck to La Mode Masculine.  All of these gorgeous photos were shot by Sara Forrest for summer 2012 (a year advance sneak peak!). I hope you enjoy the line and what Alla had to say as much as I do.


I started the line in 2005; in 2006, we launched our first collection for the summer.  I had been thinking about me and my friends getting closer to the age of thirty.  My parents were already adults at that age, they had jobs and kids.  But now we can push that forward, stay younger longer.  At this age we need to grow up but want to stay young.  This is what I wanted to make in menswear.  It’s for people who need to dress up but want to stay individual and young.  It’s subtle.  Too much and overdesigned isn’t 100 percent menswear. It can look good on the catwalk, but at the end of the day if it can’t be worn on the street or to work….


Menswear inspired me, the materials, the tailoring. Israeli fashion is very laid back, t-shirt and jeans, a lot of jerseys.  I lacked something for menswear.  We moved to Milan (my husband studied in Milan) and I learned tailoring and technique, but not just technique, there’s logic to it.  After two years I was ready to make my line. I liked it.

My style is very minimalistic and that’s what I like about menswear.  You can still innovate but stay minimal.

People find it strange that it’s me [that is the designer]…(a chuckle) but it is.  It doesn’t matter.

In the last ten or twenty years, the world is changing.  There are new jobs and the world becomes small.  If [Israeli men] were against formal wear, they see when they travel to meetings or exhibitions that they need more of this to look successful.  After a year, I still didn’t have a store but when we opened I saw that a clientele was building.  When the store opened, the clientele was still there and I was delighted that we continued to grow.  We found each other.


I think clients are still here [in the U.S.]. I think it may work here as well. There are people here with style, looking for something different.

It’s interesting, a little surprising.  We always thought of coming to the United States, to New York, but with my husband’s office, we relocated to Atlanta. When we opened the studio, I felt at home because I can do what I do anywhere in the world.  I got in touch with people I know, we did the shoot and now we are looking for a showroom in New York.

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Models:  Angus Bernstein, Matthew Dunehoo