Summer is Short(s)

With summer approaching and the hot weather coming in like a hot tempest, it will get…hot. Living in New York City the summer is a slow magical three month excursion to where style can get lost, or found. Despite the hot weather you can and should look sharp; instead of a casual Friday, why not make everyday relaxing and keep that edge?  You can still wear a suit in this weather but you might have to reform your concept of just what a suit is. Get that suit you’ve been ignoring in the closet because the pants are too long but the blazer is perfect, have those pants tailored into shorts then get out and enjoy the weather.

The “Short Suit “is specifically a vessel you enter to adapt to the weather without losing your cool. Why would you wear a short suit this summer you ask? Well, I bet within walking 5 blocks in the city down Broadway, you will get stopped, complemented, or even smiled upon. It isn’t for everyone or the faint of heart, but is a look worth trying. I personally enjoy the “freedom” of my legs when I wear one. It has the capability of being an accessory magnet if you know how to do it light and right. A simple button down, straw fedora, skinny tie, and the right watch can be golden. For shoes I go with a double monk strap. No socks! It’s the summer!

With the short suit you are given a palette to fill in. You have the choice of color, material, and most importantly tailoring. As with any suit, tailoring is highly important; If it hangs on you and does not feel right, it’s wrong. For a short suit, the shorts should stop just above the knee for a clean, smart proportion.  Any longer, venturing into long shorts and Capris, one should really know their body type as you risk shortening your legs or just looking like a clown.  A well tailored suit is like a finely crafted beer, with the proper materials, diligence in construction and a touch of personality-it can really hit the spot.  Just, a slightly different spot.

You do not need to go far to look for a short suit, nor do you have to spend 3K to get one made. I would recommend J. Crew or Engineered Garments to start. Try going  to local thrift shops and look for light cotton or linen suits. You can have a tailor shorten the pants to shorts and if the blazer is a bit large, you can have him alter it as well.  It might take some searching to find the perfect candidate, but  if you really want that short suit you can definitely have it.


Bogdan Tiflinsky; Brooklyn, New York

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