Hairspiration: Boys in Town

I always have a hard time finding really great inspiration for men’s hair on the internet.  At least, when I want it.  I thought a while ago about compiling some images of men with hair that I liked periodically for the blog when I conveniently stumbled across this story.  I think all of the hair styles (at least the ones I’ve chosen) are just great.  I hope you enjoy and come back to see what I post in the future for this section.  

Photographer Jose Ferrater for Metal Magazine No. 24

The models: Tobias Sorensen, Jon Kortajarena, Jakob Wiechmann, Jacob Coupe,Joan Pedrola, Adrian Bosch, Alexander Johansson, Charlie Westerberg, Adrian Wlodarski, Tomek Szczukiecki,  Viggo Jonason, Jackson, Johannes Linder, Joan Mirangels, Christopher Michaut, Elias Cafmeyer and Felix Branch

Styled by: Ana De Gregorio

Hair & makeup by: Dani Rull.