“Space Cowboys” and the Frontier of Men’s Fashion

Here’s an editorial I found on www.theones2watch.com. I appreciate it because my intention for the blog was to explore men’s fashion that was progressive, yet relatable and I believe this exemplifies that philosophy.  For my taste, the balance is a little off on both sides, but I personally can enjoy the balance that is present.  I like the outrageous styling as it gives men permission to be more theatrical in presentation which is the element that I find missing in men’s fashion.  I understand that this is mostly intentional, but can’t help but to feel as if I am not the only male who wishes for more  tasteful eccentricity in fashion options.  I like that if you strip these two models of their styling that the pieces themselves are very wearable, and I believe would appeal to a large range of men.  They are very masculine, and while some make quite a statement, we can understand their origin and how one might wear them more practically.

I am quite excited about finding theones2watch.com, I think it offers a lot of promise and will serve as a springboard for new artists and ideas.

These photos were taken by: Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy

Styling: John William