And…we’re back! (A letter from the editor)

My Newest Pair of Shoes

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the last two months having spent some time down in Texas with the family and the rest of the time here in New York trying to regroup a bit.  I decided it was time to move into a real career, one that I was passionate about and that would have the potential to propel me forward.  I knew I needed to go after my true goals of working in fashion/theater and with any luck, it’s about to happen! (shhh…we aren’t going to jinx that now!)

This latest opportunity would be working in men’s fashion and would be truly amazing, I’ll save the details for when (I mean, if) I get the job.  I can say that I feel like a total boob for putting this on hold while I was looking for jobs as it may have been a big help in getting the job.  We’ll see….

Another reason for the time off is I have been struggling with the contributor idea. I love it, I really do; but it’s a bit like herding cats.  I also have expectations for the submitted content and felt like maybe there should be more of an existing platform before demanding contributors to put in a lot of effort.  So for now, you get me.  All of me, baby.  Of course, if you have something to say feel free to write; I’d love to still feature contributor articles on a less formal basis.

I am happy to say that we are on facebook due to the wonderful Liam Osbourne.  He even created the most darling logo:

Isn’t it precious?! Liam curates the most wonderful men’s fashion images on his tumblr at and a great blog at (A little shout out to Liam: the new look is gorgeous!) Anyway…the point is that if you like what’s going on here, “like” us on facebook!

Finally, I am so excited that fall fell.  Sweaters, scarves, coats and most importantly: BOOTS! This is going to be delicious.

Glad To Be Back and Shining Bright,

Adam Thomas Eisenhut