Fancy Fuchsia For Fall?

Okay, That’s just pink…but it made a good “header” 😉

I’ve been noticing fuchsia popping up a lot recently…I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s so bold, slightly feminine and definitely a statement. I remember when pink for guys was coming back into fashion (did you know that pink used to be worn by French men as a symbol of royalty?) a few years back and the controversy over it. Maybe it was more controversial in Texas where I was at the time…but it was pretty major.  Well, we are past pink and have entered into PANK. I have to say…I like it, and I think the color would look great on most skin tones.  Check it out!

Sweaters, Trousers…Nothing is safe.

Sebastian Suave  by Joseph Sinclair for Carbon Copy

An Accent

Some Crazy Pants…that I obviously want.  If only it weren’t for my ginormous calves.  

For the more reserved gent who wants to play with the palate. 

Emilio Flores

How pink are you willing to go?