Not a bear? Wear-a-bear! (Well, fur anyway…)


While spending time in Milan last winter, I noticed that everyone was wearing fur.  Chic women, grandmas at the bodega and even men. I thought I had stepped off the plane into a petting zoo.  Back in America, I noticed the man-fur (not the kind you get waxed) trend played peek-a-boo with those annoying fur trimmed coats.  Oh, wait, I totally meant awesome…


This year, I think men may be getting a bit braver and going full pelt. Many F/W shows featured looks in all out fur and I think it might catch on.  It’s still a bit warm to tell, but I’m letting you know in case any of my readers want to save up and buy me one.  No, I wouldn’t be able to accept that.  I’ll just start a pool.

Here are some looks in fur to inspire:

Still just trim, but way more chic. DSquared2 

A little more trim-Taken for GQ Germany

Taken for GQ Germany

As the above examples show, fur does make a good trim.  But men who want to add more of a statement need more than trim.  A full on fur may seem a bit intimidating, but I think the examples below will at least push in one direction or the other as the middle seems a bit…well, you decide.

Dolce & Gabbana with the, “It’s still manly if it looks like only a vest.” look

Givenchy-See above

Gucci- “Somehow it’s still masculine if it looks like I just glued on patches…”

BAM! Full on Fur, baby!

Swoon.  I mean, Galliano

Burberry-That’s what I call a fur!

Oh…wait.  Does being vegetarian mean that I can’t wear animals?  Is it wrong to imply that I want to by wearing fake faux ones? Morals….