Updates for Cares and Updated Squares

Clothes like this make me happy its fall.

(Also, let’s be real, its holding the spot for a picturing I’m waiting to upload)

I mentioned a few posts back that I might have some news and it turns out, I do! I write to you now with a new position in the menswear industry and I couldn’t be happier. I am most excited about all the new inspiration and material I will have for La Mode Masculine! (Also, having a real job is nice…)

I’ve started working as the Account Coordinator for MRket which is more or less the largest menswear fashion tradeshow in North America.

In only a little over a week, I’ve been on a scouting trip through SoHo, worked side by side with menswear mogul, Michael Macko and sat in on an hour and a half meeting about pocket squares. The pocket squares come from Armstrong and Wilson, a wonderful brand based out of Philadelphia and designed by two wonderful men, Ontario (Armstrong) and Cliff (Wilson).

The pocket squares are unique and charming made with vintage inspired fabrics and an inspired button detail.  The look is “homemade sophisticated dandy” and is the perfect way to add a real punch of personality to your wardrobe.  Armstrong and Wilson have taken an often forgotten detail and made it into a piece that can dictate your look.

And I don’t want to spoil their news, but if you’d like more from them (and after seeing these babies, I know you will) I can tell you that Armstrong and Wilson are getting ready to offer more and it sounds very exciting.

Please head on over to ArmstrongandWilson.com to learn where you can pick up one of these bad boys because it will definitely add to your wardrobe and these guys are certainly worth supporting! I’ll post a picture of my new Armstrong and Wilson pocket square as soon as I can find the perfect occasion to don such a wonderful piece (while many of their styles can be worn in a casual look, mine is a bit more formal and I want to be sure to do the square justice.)

Finally, I want to throw in that all the photos of pocket squares were obtained from www.armstrongandwilson.com, clicking on them will also take you to their website.

I’m so excited to now have a font of insider knowledge to share and inspire and I’ll be back soon!

Shine Bright,

Adam Thomas