Shoes of the Hour

I am arguably one of the pickiest shoe shoppers around. A wrong stitch, a too-rounded or too-pointed toe or a sole that looks out of place and I won’t give the shoe another second.  That said, I have been putting together all my favorite shoes that I’ve been seeing around lately.  Enjoy!

It’s a no-brainer that derbies and wingtips are the the shoes of the hour.  I think I found some pretty sweet ones!

Tim and Fiona Slack Shoemakers

They are the most adorable husband and wife team that work in a studio in Nottinghill!  Isn’t that adorable? Aren’t the shoes great? 

This Herringbone shoe is amazing (I’m pretty sure they are Vivienne Westwood) and so is the coral wingtip. 

I really like the fabric/leather combination and the socks!

Aren’t These Beautiful! (?)

Cole Haan Mackenzie Oxfords

If you have to have boring black shoes, here’s one way to add some pop!

A Loafer-Tip?

Monk strap shoes are pretty nice!

Maybe it’s because I am from Texas, maybe because I like the power, but I love  a great boot!


The Tsubo Winslow Boot (A wingtipped-boot?! Yes, Ma’am!)

The following are some photos from Haider Ackerman’s Spring 2012 collection.  I pulled them because they remind me of The Little Prince.  Just a bit of fantasy for you .

Haider Ackerman Spring 2012

And finally, shoes by Ferragamo.  Wouldn’t they be awesome for a holiday party?!

Feel inspired? See any you liked? Have more recommendations for me? Let me know!

Shine Bright,

Adam Thomas