A New Plan In The New Year

Luis Fernandez (Designer of Number Lab) and Me

Since my last post, I presented an idea to the magazine that works under my company’s umbrella…the sister (brother?) to The MRket Show. Basically, the idea would have me writing for the magazine and blogging online for their new contemporary section.  I stopped writing here to see what the outcome would be and now, my first contribution takes up an entire page in the February issue of MR magazine!!

I thought that might be the end of this blog, as it is difficult for me to keep up with even just one, but I just can’t leave this behind.  I think it is really beautiful and inspiring, so I will find a way to keep up with both!

Cliff Wilson of Armstrong and Wilson and me at MRket!  I love these guys!

The Chadburry Team and Me at MRket 

(Don’t I look great in Chadburry Gear?)

I’ve been pretty busy since my last post back in….when was that? Let’s not talk about it. We just wrapped up the MRket NY show a couple weeks ago and I leave on Friday for the MRket LV show!  I’m really excited because NY was a blast and I’ve never been to Las Vegas before.  (It doesn’t hurt that I will have my OWN suite in The Venetian…ohhh yeah.)

I’ve also gotten some great things to add to my style that I’d like to share…

My New Ring From Vera Meat!  Check her out: www.verameat.com!

I’m Having a Great Time in These Steve Madden Boots This Winter

And those red pants above! Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this year and all the things I can bring to you. Let me know how I can do better…aside from actually posting which, obviously, I’ll work on 😉

Shine Bright,

Adam Thomas Eienhut