Lenses for Lovin’

When I was a freshman in college, I was asked out on so many dates, the girls in the suite next to mine had to help me keep track of them all.  That was six years ago and those days are long gone.  When I look back and analyze why I had been so successful, I come up with two possible solutions.

1)      It was because of my glasses. (I have a light prescription and began college with a pair of tortoise shell frames that I snapped in half a year later and haven’t worn any since.)

2)      I was fresh meat.

Now that I can be categorized as being in my mid-twenties, I figure it’s time to get serious again in the dating world.   Being unable to control my fresh factor, I have set out on a quest to find some frames and snag a few more double-takes–which will obviously result in a long lasting marriage.


I also have a lot of fun wearing glasses and think they’re a great way to pump up my style.  So, when I checked out the collection that eye bobs has to offer, I fell in love. After a brief introduction, Pat (eye bobs’s premier saleswoman) threw a few pairs at me each looking better than the last.  Either that lady knows how to pick ‘em or I just happen to have a face perfectly sculpted for eyewear. (Hint: it’s not me.) In fact, they were all so great that I ended up buying 3 pair…but then I added another so it turned out to be 4.  Oops.


What I really love about eye bobs frames is that they have a ton of character and yet, don’t look too fashionista-y.  They add style and bekon attention (Attention? Me?) without the eye-rolling of some pedestrian who thinks I’m trying too hard.


Now I just need to get the money to put the correct prescription lenses in them so I can actually see who’s looking at me.  I’ll be setting up a collection fund, should you feel compelled to pitch in.  Sure, there are people all over the world who need glasses and can’t afford them…but are they as charming as I am?


Which pair of frames do you think will land me my next suitor?  Check out the entire collection from eye bobs at www.eyebobs.com.


Shine Bright,

Adam Thomas Eisenhut