Florals For Spring…Groundbreaking

I’m going to try and do it again.  I am going to beat GQ to the punch…cause I got another hunch.  I’m thinking that as the weather warms, we’re going to see a lot more flowers.  For all of you Miranda’s out there, I know what you are thinking…(see title of post if you don’t get the reference). But really, in the past, florals haven’t really been used to their full potential in menswear.  We’ve seen delicate floral patterns that almost go unnoticed, particularly in neckwear and God knows we saw enough hibiscus flowers on Hawaiian shirts back in the 90’s. But I think we are in for something new.  I think men will start to boast bolder bouquets this summer and definitely by next.  It makes sense when you think of the bolder color trends and the renewed interest in menswear options. Men are trying stand out a bit more and the black and white lines of masculine/feminine are poking toes in each other’s pools.  (Sorry, that came out dirtier than intended.)

I’ve been gathering some photos to prove my point, showing this trend interpreted into many styles and really making a statement.  I’ll start with Givenchy S/S ’12 as I think many are already familiar and then just barage you with floral fashion. I hope you like them.  I do.

And, while not exactly a floral, what the hell else would you call it??