My Work: A Jacket and Bowtie

I have been spending the past few weekends working on a dress for a friend of mine and it got  me thinking that I have yet to share any of my own work on here.  So here goes nothing.

My kinda-sorta roommate, Jerome Bell, is a singer/performer and went away to perform on The Oasis of the Seas (Royal Caribbean); he is performing in Hairspray and also was given his own concert since he is a budding solo artist.  (Many of you might have even seen him on American Idol a few seasons back.)  Point is, he is a talented guy.  For his concert, he wanted a few special pieces made and asked me to make them.

When he asked if I had any ideas, one immediately came to mind.  I had been thinking a lot about tapestry and treasures that are handed down from generation to generation, especially in royal families.  I wanted to make an over-the-top jacket that looked like it had been around and added on to for generations.  These are some sketches:

I stuffed the built up shoulders I made with flowers/feathers/etc. since most tapestry has a floral motif.  Instead of making the jacket out of a floral-y tapestry-like fabric, I wanted to actually incorporate the flowers to add to the theatricality of the piece and to give the jacket a masculine/feminine juxtaposition. Unfortunately, I don’t have any great photos of the finished product (I had to mail it to him and haven’t been able to even physically see him in it!) but the following should give you a good idea of how it turned out:

And a fun photo of the flowers/feathers I took while standing in line to pay for them at Michael’s.

Another piece I made was a gold-leaf bow tie.  I made it completely from scratch!  (No, it is not intended that he wear them together.)

I also made some t-shirty pieces for him, but since I also haven’t physically seen them on him, I’ll hold off on posting pictures until I have some good ones. (They are pretty cute, I even gave them a breast pocket!)

So, now you’ve seen a little bit of what I do… I hope I’ll be bringing you more of my own work in the future.  If you have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear it.

Shine Bright,

Adam Thomas Eisenhut