I really hate to brag…

Actually…I lied, I love to.  You might remember back to when I beat GQ to the whole “burgundy punch” and folks, it looks like I did it again.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my floral hunch and low and behold, another major fashion blog, FASHIONBEANS wrote about it as one of the key prints this season.  It looks like this small time fashion blogger is ahead of the game, and it feels pretty damn good to have some proof.

You really should check out the article HERE as it talks about other print trends such as camo (duh), geometrics and polka-dots.  It also puts together some nice “look books” showcasing each of the trends like the one below.

While I bashed Hawaiian shirts in my post, they noted that they are making a comeback…obviously restyled and I’m still not saying that I love them.

This is the first of a two-parter, so I’m definitely interested to see what other print trends they cover.  But don’t you forget, when it comes to florals this season, you heard it here first.