It’s getting serious…

Adrien Brunier and Steven Chevrin by Emmanuel Giraud for Tangent

I’m getting serious about working on La Mode Masculine.  I feel like I really have my finger on the pulse of menswear now and I’m excited to offer my unique perspective.  You’ll have noticed that the .wordpress disappeared proving that I mean business.  😉

What else?  More posts.  A minimum of 2-3 a week…yikes, that’s gonna be a big change, but I am really excited to do it.

I’ve also been having a lot of fun updating La Mode Masculine’s facebook page.  Why? Because I’ve started posting inspiration images and “LMM Recommends” with links to other blog posts/videos/articles that I think you might like too.  So if you haven’t liked it already, go now!

Why all of this now?  Because of you all.  I’m no Style Blogger, Three F or Grungy Gentleman (yet) but I’m really encouraged and excited about all of the recent activity, likes and followers.  It’s nice to know that you are reading and appreciating, it makes it fun and I’m really proud to bring something of interest to you.

I still consider La Mode Masculine a baby blog, still wobbling on it’s developing legs.  I promise that I have some exciting plans in store, expanding La Mode Masculine to a true inspiration source that’s different from the rest of the group.  Details are developing, but things are happening my friends.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll keep reading, liking and responding. I hope you’ll reach out with ideas and feedback and I hope you’ll remain inspired.

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for being an inspiration to me.

Shine Bright,

Adam Thomas Eisenhut