McQ Autumn/Winter 2012

It would surprise no one to know that I love everything about Alexander McQueen’s women’s wear. I think it is inspired, imaginative and refined. It’s a label that proves fashion is art and always pushes forward to stand out from the crowd. The garments redefine the women who wear them and create instantaneous emotional response.

And then there’s the menswear….

Sorry, I’m at a loss for words. I just don’t get the Alexander McQueen “guy.” It isn’t for lack of imagination, but I question the taste level as it certainly differs from women’s. Personally, I’d love to see the line from the perspective of the guy who takes the McQueen girl out (or rather gets taken out by the McQueen girl). I’d love to see the desperate romance contrasted against aesthetics of power and dominance that we see on “his” (now her) women. Instead, I see the McQueen guy as comical and a little garish. The spring collection has some saving graces, but most of the collection is a bit…something.

What I do like is the McQ collection. It’s British and boyish. It’s fun and tailored and I just find it easier to understand. It certainly doesn’t give me what I want from the main label’s menswear, but at least it gives me something to like. It has moments of curiosity, but I have a greater appreciation for it on the whole. I also loved. DROOLED OVER. the runway presentation of the collection. Here is the latest lookbook (A/W 12) and below that the runway (which I insist you watch until the very end as it is such a great ending!)