Rodarte-In the New York City Ballet and After My Heart

I’ve been a fan of Rodarte for quite some time, swooning over their dresses draped with grace in a celebration of beauty.  When I stumbled across their collection for men in Opening Ceremony last year, I pined for the print shirts using the paintings of the old masters.  I appreciate their knowledge and usage of period dress and art aesthetics and seamlessly incorporate it into fashion. Their clothes seem both authentically old and new simultaneously and inspire me immensely.

Today, when I saw that now the two girls have designed for the New York City Ballet, they sealed the deal.  The label gained quite a bit of press and accelerated fame for designing the costumes of Black Swan, but the duo (Kate and Laura Mulleavy) actually has quite a history of designing costumes for the ballet and theater. As a guy who grew up in the theater and as a dancer, I have fallen so deeply in love no one else has the remotest possibility of reaching me.

Here are some photos from “Two Hearts” which premiered at the New York City Ballet on May 10th.  It is choreographed by Benjamin Millepied and composed by Nico Muhly. I love his shirt, I’d wear it on the street and if I must, I will dance down the street in it.

And here is a trailer for “Strong Voices” with work by Millepied and costumes by Rodarte for the Dutch National Ballet.

For those of you not interested in ballet (I’d really prefer you to simply leave), I’m including photos from Rodarte’s Mens collection sold at Opening Ceremony last year.  The sweaters are amazing and the prints are unmatched.

And in case you haven’t had enough (I haven’t…) here are a couple other sweaters exclusively sold at Opening Ceremony (over a year ago) that have me balled up in a corner crying over the money I don’t have to buy these with.  (Not that they are even available anymore if I did.)