Miss me? Kiss me.

I’m back!  I hope you haven’t been running around nude for the last three months. (Yes, I am aware that it has been longer than that.) I just got really caught up in work and getting MRket/Vanguards Gallery up for our July/August shows so that buyers could be inspired and know what to buy so that you can buy it from them.  See?  I was still with you.

Regardless, I am back and ready to roll.  Well, at least I am trying to roll, but nothing is really giving me the motivation.  Is it just me, or is Fashionland BORING right now??  Maybe it’s because I am a winter baby and it’s S/S season right now?  Maybe I’m out of touch?  Maybe nothing’s good because I haven’t been around to talk about it? I haven’t been finding any leads lately.  Guys seem to be dressing the same and magazines/blogs are writing about trends I spotted ages ago.  (AMIRIGHT?)

The only thing that caught my eye was this collection from Christopher Kane.  Somewhat old news, but I am hoping some haven’t seen it. I like it for it’s paint strokes that don’t seem too cheesy and the florals that take on a distinctly masculine attribute.  Some of the silhouettes are not my favorite, but I like most of the piece and think you will too.

Hopefully, after some digging, I’ll find something else for you.