Marlon Gobel

A couple days ago I spotted a photo from Marlon Gobel’s S/S ’13 collection that struck my fancy and had me begging for more.  The name and aesthetic rang a bell but I couldn’t quite place the designer’s work so I decided to really do my research.  After spending 1/2 of my work day looking into him and his previous collections I realized that I’ve probably re-blogged some of his looks on my tumblr (you should definitely check it out). I also learned:

1) He was the former director of operations for Thom Browne 

–You will definitely see a little of Thom Browne’s influence in Gobel’s work, although Gobel is a little easier to wrap your head around and wear down the street. Scratch that…A LOT easier.

2) He has a wonderful ability to execute relatable concepts

–Fashion shows are expensive and when it comes to menswear, they are typically boring.  It’s 15 minutes (tops) of watching similar silhouettes in different color waves.  Not with Gobel. Gobel’s shows tell a story, they depict a heightened sense of a particular man and I love it.  He creates experiences that are theatrical but focused on fashion which is a rarity in menswear designers.

3) Gobel knows how to bring something new to the table while still honoring classic menswear.

–Gobel’s collections are different, they are exciting and they are fun.  Yet, at the core, they are still classically based (and often have a retro throwback feel) so a balance is made between advancing men’s fashion while providing garments that most men would be comfortable wearing…well at least the slightly daring ones.

I’ll include photos from the S/S ’13 collection, but I highly recommend visiting his website and watching the videos from all of his past collections.   What do you think of Marlon Gobel?  (Photos from GQ)