Title of Work by Jonathon Meizler

I’m just two weeks away from my one year anniversary at MRket/Vanguards Gallery.  It’s been a whirlwind year full of meeting wonderful people, learning about the business of fashion and discovering some amazing brands that bring so much excitement to this industry.  For people that say menswear is limited–they just don’t know where to look.

Since my very first day of walking tradeshows, there has been one brand that I have been drooling over.  I have been so inspired and excited about this brand and always felt like it deserved to be out in the spotlight.  Title of Work by Jonathon Meizler is a neckwear collection that is sleek and artistic, it makes a statement but remains sensible, it is everything I look for in fashion.  His category titles are enough to get you excited: taxidermy, leather, hardware, diamonds and rock crystal.  Do I really need to say more? Really?

I’ll let you peruse Jonathon’s website but I HAVE to also point out the collection’s blog which can be tricky to find (unless you are starving for more while looking at the main website–which I clearly was). This blog is just so right up my alley.  I’ll also include a few of my favorite images/pieces from his website below.

I’m really hoping that I can have the chance to work with Jonathon and his collection in the future, but whatever the case, I hope Title of Work receives the attention it deserves.

(All photos are from titleofwork.com–no infringement intended, just trying to shed a little light.)