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It’s getting serious…

I’m getting serious about working on La Mode Masculine.  I feel like I really have my finger on the pulse of menswear now and I’m excited to offer my unique perspective.  You’ll have… Continue reading

A New Plan In The New Year

Luis Fernandez (Designer of Number Lab) and Me Since my last post, I presented an idea to the magazine that works under my company’s umbrella…the sister (brother?) to The MRket Show. Basically, the… Continue reading

And…we’re back! (A letter from the editor)

My Newest Pair of Shoes I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the last two months having spent some time down in Texas with the family and the rest of the… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Dad: A Letter From The Editor

Today is my dad’s birthday, so I found it fitting to (finally) write my letter for July. When I was younger, I was definitely a mama’s boy. And no, I am not ashamed. … Continue reading

Why Fashion Matters: A (first) Letter From The Editor

Dear Reader; It’s been nearly a month, but I was speaking to a coworker of mine when he said, “I hate fashion, I don’t get it and it’s superficial.”  I kept my reaction… Continue reading