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Carlos Campos F/W ’12

I have to back track and apologize for my last post.  The statement I made was a bit rash and not completely thought out before I wrote it down and shared it with… Continue reading

Miss me? Kiss me.

I’m back!  I hope you haven’t been running around nude for the last three months. (Yes, I am aware that it has been longer than that.) I just got really caught up in… Continue reading

Versace Preview

When the campaign preview for Versace hit the internet yesterday, I had mixed feelings.  The more I look at the photos though, the more I think I like them.  Versace tends to be… Continue reading

McQ Autumn/Winter 2012

It would surprise no one to know that I love everything about Alexander McQueen’s women’s wear. I think it is inspired, imaginative and refined. It’s a label that proves fashion is art and… Continue reading

I really hate to brag…

Actually…I lied, I love to.  You might remember back to when I beat GQ to the whole “burgundy punch” and folks, it looks like I did it again.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote… Continue reading

Burberry Black Label

I really love the designs of Burberry: clean, modern and luxurious.  I got very excited when I saw the looks from their spring/summer men’s line: Burberry Black Label.   Then I cried when… Continue reading

Florals For Spring…Groundbreaking

I’m going to try and do it again.  I am going to beat GQ to the punch…cause I got another hunch.  I’m thinking that as the weather warms, we’re going to see a… Continue reading

Not a bear? Wear-a-bear! (Well, fur anyway…)

Cavalli While spending time in Milan last winter, I noticed that everyone was wearing fur.  Chic women, grandmas at the bodega and even men. I thought I had stepped off the plane into a… Continue reading

Fancy Fuchsia For Fall?

Okay, That’s just pink…but it made a good “header” 😉 I’ve been noticing fuchsia popping up a lot recently…I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s so bold, slightly feminine and definitely a statement. I remember… Continue reading

Summer Fashion in Brazil

When in need of a super sexy model with tanned skin and a great bod, the fashion world has frequently looked to Brazil for its steamy collection of gorgeous models. Superstars such as… Continue reading