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I really hate to brag…

Actually…I lied, I love to.  You might remember back to when I beat GQ to the whole “burgundy punch” and folks, it looks like I did it again.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote… Continue reading

Florals For Spring…Groundbreaking

I’m going to try and do it again.  I am going to beat GQ to the punch…cause I got another hunch.  I’m thinking that as the weather warms, we’re going to see a… Continue reading

Follow Your Heart: What I Learned From Robin Rotenier

I recently had the pleasure of touring the Rotenier Studio and spent some quality time speaking with Robin Rotenier-the man behind the cuff links (and not just cuff links anymore, mind you!) I… Continue reading

You heard it here first…

Rag and Bone Remember how back in SEPTEMBER I commented on the fuchsia color trend?  Remember how I included a wide range of examples that showed off that color spectrum? If not, you can remind… Continue reading

A New Plan In The New Year

Luis Fernandez (Designer of Number Lab) and Me Since my last post, I presented an idea to the magazine that works under my company’s umbrella…the sister (brother?) to The MRket Show. Basically, the… Continue reading

Shoes of the Hour

I am arguably one of the pickiest shoe shoppers around. A wrong stitch, a too-rounded or too-pointed toe or a sole that looks out of place and I won’t give the shoe another second.  That… Continue reading

Updates for Cares and Updated Squares

Clothes like this make me happy its fall. (Also, let’s be real, its holding the spot for a picturing I’m waiting to upload) I mentioned a few posts back that I might have… Continue reading

Not a bear? Wear-a-bear! (Well, fur anyway…)

Cavalli While spending time in Milan last winter, I noticed that everyone was wearing fur.  Chic women, grandmas at the bodega and even men. I thought I had stepped off the plane into a… Continue reading

Fancy Fuchsia For Fall?

Okay, That’s just pink…but it made a good “header” 😉 I’ve been noticing fuchsia popping up a lot recently…I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s so bold, slightly feminine and definitely a statement. I remember… Continue reading

Adding Sophistication to Your Summer Style: The Neckerchief

                     and As summer awakens, it’s time to put the coats and gloves to one side to make… Continue reading