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Miss me? Kiss me.

I’m back!  I hope you haven’t been running around nude for the last three months. (Yes, I am aware that it has been longer than that.) I just got really caught up in… Continue reading

Versace Preview

When the campaign preview for Versace hit the internet yesterday, I had mixed feelings.  The more I look at the photos though, the more I think I like them.  Versace tends to be… Continue reading

My Work: A Jacket and Bowtie

I have been spending the past few weekends working on a dress for a friend of mine and it got  me thinking that I have yet to share any of my own work… Continue reading

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012

I know it’s been a couple of weeks, but I CAN NOT get over Burberry Prorsum for Fall 2012. Can we talk about it? Oh, wait…I decide what we talk about, so we… Continue reading

A New Plan In The New Year

Luis Fernandez (Designer of Number Lab) and Me Since my last post, I presented an idea to the magazine that works under my company’s umbrella…the sister (brother?) to The MRket Show. Basically, the… Continue reading

Shoes of the Hour

I am arguably one of the pickiest shoe shoppers around. A wrong stitch, a too-rounded or too-pointed toe or a sole that looks out of place and I won’t give the shoe another second.  That… Continue reading

Hairspiration: Boys in Town

I always have a hard time finding really great inspiration for men’s hair on the internet.  At least, when I want it.  I thought a while ago about compiling some images of men with hair… Continue reading