Shoes of the Hour

I am arguably one of the pickiest shoe shoppers around. A wrong stitch, a too-rounded or too-pointed toe or a sole that looks out of place and I won’t give the shoe another second.  That… Continue reading

Updates for Cares and Updated Squares

Clothes like this make me happy its fall. (Also, let’s be real, its holding the spot for a picturing I’m waiting to upload) I mentioned a few posts back that I might have… Continue reading

Not a bear? Wear-a-bear! (Well, fur anyway…)

Cavalli While spending time in Milan last winter, I noticed that everyone was wearing fur.  Chic women, grandmas at the bodega and even men. I thought I had stepped off the plane into a… Continue reading

Fancy Fuchsia For Fall?

Okay, That’s just pink…but it made a good “header” 😉 I’ve been noticing fuchsia popping up a lot recently…I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s so bold, slightly feminine and definitely a statement. I remember… Continue reading

And…we’re back! (A letter from the editor)

My Newest Pair of Shoes I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the last two months having spent some time down in Texas with the family and the rest of the… Continue reading

“Space Cowboys” and the Frontier of Men’s Fashion

Here’s an editorial I found on I appreciate it because my intention for the blog was to explore men’s fashion that was progressive, yet relatable and I believe this exemplifies that philosophy.  For… Continue reading

Hairspiration: Boys in Town

I always have a hard time finding really great inspiration for men’s hair on the internet.  At least, when I want it.  I thought a while ago about compiling some images of men with hair… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Dad: A Letter From The Editor

Today is my dad’s birthday, so I found it fitting to (finally) write my letter for July. When I was younger, I was definitely a mama’s boy. And no, I am not ashamed. … Continue reading

Summer Fashion in Brazil

When in need of a super sexy model with tanned skin and a great bod, the fashion world has frequently looked to Brazil for its steamy collection of gorgeous models. Superstars such as… Continue reading

Street Style and Spring/Summer Observations

I think this short video is definitely worth a watch even if it’s just for a little cheering up by Bill Cunningham. I’m a particular fan of the “vespenders.” Clicking the grab below… Continue reading