Summer is Short(s) With summer approaching and the hot weather coming in like a hot tempest, it will get…hot. Living in New York City the summer is a slow magical three month excursion to where… Continue reading

Maison Rouge-Homme

  It was my great pleasure to speak with Alla Eizenberg, designer of Maison Rouge-Homme, a youthful menswear line from Tel Aviv now setting up shop in the United States.  Her charming accent… Continue reading

Adding Sophistication to Your Summer Style: The Neckerchief

                     and As summer awakens, it’s time to put the coats and gloves to one side to make… Continue reading

Bows For Boys

from: It doesn’t take fashion insider knowledge to know that bow ties are in season and ripe for the picking. Open any fashion magazine and you are bound to find more than just… Continue reading

Why Fashion Matters: A (first) Letter From The Editor

Dear Reader; It’s been nearly a month, but I was speaking to a coworker of mine when he said, “I hate fashion, I don’t get it and it’s superficial.”  I kept my reaction… Continue reading